Abu Dhabi University and Dakila Research Social Sciences UAE Collaborate to Advance Research and Technology

Abu Dhabi University and Dakila Research Social Sciences UAE Collaborate to Advance Research and Technology

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) continues its dedicated pursuit of fostering innovation and creative thinking among its faculty and students through strategic partnerships. In this endeavor, ADU has joined forces with Dakila Research Social Sciences UAE (DRSS) to sign a comprehensive agreement aimed at advancing student knowledge in research and technology.

DRSS, a conglomerate consisting of 19 Brazilian companies spanning various sectors, is driven by Associação Dakila Pesquisas and is dedicated to promoting economic and social development.

The collaboration between ADU’s College of Engineering and DRSS is focused on establishing an advanced superconductivity research laboratory. This innovative space will empower college students and faculty to engage in experimental tasks that push the boundaries of scientific understanding. The laboratory will also concentrate on the development of quantum devices, aiming to bring tangible benefits to the wider community in the realm of advanced and deep technologies.

The signing of the agreement, attended by Dr. Ali Saeed bin Harmal Aldhaheri, ADU Chairman, and Otávio Augusto Teixeira dos Reis, Director of Research and Development at DRSS, was conducted by Professor Ghassan Aouad, Chancellor of ADU, Dr. Hamdi Mustafa Sheibani, Dean of the College of Engineering at ADU, and Alan Oliveira, Chief Operating Officer of DRSS.

The proposed laboratory, led by Professor Montasir Qasymeh from ADU’s Electrical Engineering department alongside Brazilian experts, will be outfitted with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. The research projects undertaken will encompass cutting-edge technologies such as room-temperature superconducting materials and their applications in industry.

Collaboration between ADU’s faculty and students and DRSS members will be instrumental in driving advancements in practical superconducting computing devices, superconducting storage units, electromagnetic insulating structures, and more. The partnership will also equip ADU students and faculty with valuable research experience and technical expertise, engaging them in a series of research projects to expand their knowledge in innovation and research.

Reflecting on the collaboration, the Chancellor of ADU stated, “We are delighted to work with a prestigious partner such as Dakila Research Social Sciences. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote the academic and professional engagement of our faculty, staff, and students in the field of research social sciences.”

The CEO of Dakila Emirates expressed confidence in the partnership’s potential to contribute to humanity’s progress, particularly in the realm of quantum technologies, while Gabriela Pache, CSO of Dakila Emirates, emphasized the collaborative effort’s role in bringing comfort and well-being to all individuals, underscored by a commitment to elevating human consciousness.

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