Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Sees Impressive Gain of AED43 Billion Amid Strong Company Results

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Sees Impressive Gain of AED43 Billion Amid Strong Company Results

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) experienced a significant surge in gains, bolstered by ongoing announcements of semi-annual company results. Over the course of the previous week’s trading sessions, the market’s value of listed stocks witnessed a remarkable increase of nearly AED43 billion.

The ADX’s market capitalization soared to AED2.874 trillion, marking a substantial upswing from AED2.831 trillion recorded at the close of trading the preceding Friday. This remarkable growth underscores the vibrancy of the market and the positive investor sentiment surrounding it.

Simultaneously, the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) displayed robust performance, reporting a market capitalization of AED687.4 billion. The flourishing equities market in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai highlighted the overall strength of the financial landscape.

Throughout the trading week, key indices demonstrated impressive gains. The FADX15 index surged by 1.09 percent, accumulating 103.5 points and concluding at 9606.41 points. Reflecting the broader market sentiment, the FTSE ADX General Index registered a commendable rise of 0.95 percent, translating to an increase of 93.2 points and concluding at 9,879.7 points. In a parallel trajectory, the Dubai General Index reached a noteworthy milestone, achieving 4,064.31 points.

Amidst this dynamic market activity, an influx of liquidity flowed into local equities, exceeding AED8.6 billion over the course of the week. This substantial liquidity infusion was divided between AED6.67 billion in the ADX and AED1.98 billion in the DFM, further contributing to the market’s robust performance.

Trading activity showcased a vibrant market landscape, with over 3.16 million shares changing hands in more than 144,100 transactions. These compelling statistics underscore the engaged and active participation of investors in the region’s equities market.

The ADX’s stellar gains and the buoyant performance of the DFM emphasize the sustained momentum in the UAE’s financial markets. The remarkable growth in market capitalization, the surge in key indices, and the substantial inflow of liquidity collectively underscore the region’s resilience and attractiveness for investors.

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